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Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap

Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap

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Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap

Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap

Regular price $29.97
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Linda Murphey shares her amazing results after using Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap!

"Since I am overweight and close to 191lbs, I have made the decision to change my lifestyle. Since the pandemic, I've been trying to be healthy, but after a year, I'm not happy with the results. My buddy, who was also overweight, suggests the Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap. The outcomes she obtained after utilizing it for two months astounded me. This is real, in my experience; it stops my midnight cravings and gets me moving. I lost 46 pounds wearing it after just two months." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Easiest and Healthiest way for body goals!

The Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap is the best device for liquefying fat cells and aiding in weight reduction. Ultrasonic treatment has been proven to be extremely effective and can help to swiftly alleviate inflammation and circulation blockages. making it pleasant and renewing for everyone.

What is UltraSonic?

We may eliminate toxins from our systems and get rid of localized fat with this non-surgical method. During this procedure, pressure is put on the fat cells by ultrasonic vibrations. The fat cells dissolve at the high pressure and transform into liquid. The body may then utilise the urine to remove the waste.

Cavitation: The bubble effect is the basis for the ultrasonic destruction of fat cells

Only the fat cells are affected by the tiny bubbles produced by the ultrasonic vibration; the fat cells then use the energy of the ultrasonic wave to expand to their maximum size, which causes them to burst and crush.


1. Ultrasonic Liquefy Fats - Specific fat cells can be eliminated by ultrasonic waves by entering the region of fat accumulation through the skin. The breakdown and liquefaction of the fat cells occurs as a result of ultrasonic vibrations.

2. Ultrasonic: Prevent Lymphatic Blockage - The effectiveness of our lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage is thought to be improved by ultrasound. By enabling the lymphatic system to drain fluids much more quickly and easily that may be carrying cellular byproducts and other pollutants, it can aid in the detoxification process of our bodies.

3. Ultrasonic: Increase Blood Circulation - The Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap facilitates blood flow to bodily tissues and organs. The band uses waves to disperse irregularities like plaque or emboli and obstructions.

How Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap works?

  • Ultrasonic waves have the ability to enter the region of fat deposition through the skin and kill specific fat cells. Under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations, the fat cells are broken down and liquefied.
  • Continuous all-weather sonic impact that promotes fat reduction during sleep.
  • Uses low-frequency sound waves at a frequency of 3 to 60 Hz to operate while totally protecting blood vessels, neurons, lymphatic vessels, fibrous tissue, etc.

Here are some of our satisfied customers

"Before wearing the Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap, I weighed 160 pounds; I now weigh 120 pounds. This is a fantastic product, and although I was first hesitant to try it due to my noticeable shift, I'm glad I did. I have more stamina every day because to this wristband, which also aids my digestion and sleep. I achieve my ideal weight by eating a balanced diet and exercising." - Lindsay Clayson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


"I was 189lbs in the before photo and now weigh 130 lbs. This wristband not only gets rid of my extra fat but also my bloated stomach. Compared to before, my metabolism is now quicker. No more cravings, and working out made me sweat more. I can now wear my old clothing in style. "This is great, and wearing it gave makes me energetic through out the day. For more than two months, I've been continuously using this Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap." - Miguel Lincon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Soundwaves Frequency: 3~60Hz
Rated Power: USB Charging
Charging time: about 5 hours
Fully charged for use: a week

Package Includes

1 x Komo Ultrasonic Liquefaction Hand Strap

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