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AirFlex Spinal Support Belt

AirFlex Spinal Support Belt

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AirFlex Spinal Support Belt

AirFlex Spinal Support Belt

Regular price $49.99
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et's take a look at the delightful reviews from customers who have tried the LunaLoomâ„?Spinal Decompression Air Traction Belt Waist Brace!

- Jaxon, 42, Florida, USA
"Wow, the LunaLoom belt instantly relieved my lower back pain after a long day of gardening. I felt the gentle traction easing the tension, and now I can't imagine life without it. Highly recommended!"
- Wilbur 45, California, USA
"The belt has become my go-to companion during long drives. It provides excellent lumbar support, making my road trips much more comfortable. No more stiffness or soreness! Love it!"

Are you tired of suffering from chronic back pain that limits your daily activities? LunaLoom™ is here to help.

Created by specialists in back pain, Lunaloomâ„?incorporates a proven decompression technique used for treating both upper and lower back issues. It gently stretches and applies traction to the lower back as the belt inflates.

LunaLoomâ„?Spinal Decompression Belt Dominates US Market in 2023!

In 2023, LunaLoomâ„?spinal decompression belt skyrocketed to remarkable heights, boasting an impressive sales volume of over 500,000 units in the united states alone. With an outstanding rank of #1 in the market, LunaLoomâ„?revolutionized spinal decompression therapy, delivering unmatched relief to satisfied customers nationwide.

What Problem Does LunaLoomâ„?Belt Solve?

    How Can LunaLoomâ„?Help Alleviate Waist Issues?

    By utilizing the power of air,LunaLoomâ„?decompression belt effectively separates the misaligned lumbar vertebrae, allowing the muscles and ligaments to stretch and relax. This aids in the natural recovery of the spinal discs, restoring their shape and position.

    Alleviate Lower Back Stress

    By redistributing your upper body weight away from your lower back, LunaLoomâ„?relieves stress on your lower back joints and spinal disks, resulting in improved posture and strengthened lower back muscles.

    Relieve Back Pain

    Lumboaâ„?targets the root cause of back pain, providing long-term relief. Its innovative design gently stretches and retracts the lower back, promoting faster healing.

    Accelerate Healing

    LunaLoomâ„?allows degenerative discs to receive vital nutrients for faster healing. It provides instant relief, improves posture, and enhances your overall well-being with daily use.

    What Makes LunaLoomâ„?Belt Special?

    Convenience Anywhere:

    • With LunaLoomâ„? you can discreetly wear it under your clothes and take it with you wherever you go. Experience relief and support anytime, anywhere. 
    • Quick and easy inflation system for exceptional comfort during various activities.

    One-Size-Fits-All: LunaLoomâ„?is suitable for all body types, ensuring that everyone can benefit from its exceptional features.

    Comfortable and user-friendly design: Comfortably designed for ease-of-use, made with stretchy materials for freedom of movement, support, and relief.

    Recommended by the Physical Therapist

    "The LunaLoomâ„?spinal decompression belt is a remarkable solution for back pain. Clinical studies indicate a significant 96% reduction in pain intensity. As a healthcare professional, i highly endorse this product for its effectiveness and convenience."


    - Dr. Michael Lawson, PT, MSc, Germany

    Dr. Michael lawson is a respected physical therapist with a decade of experience in orthopedic rehabilitation. He has gained recognition for his expertise in treating various musculoskeletal conditions, including back pain.

    LunaLoomâ„?Defies Back Pain for Liora in Her Golden Years!

    "I'm liora, a seasoned warrior in the battle against back pain. LunaLoom belt came into my life like a breath of fresh air. The moment i fastened it around my waist, i felt a renewed sense of vigor. The adjustable traction provided incredible support, instantly easing my discomfort. LunaLoom became my trusted companion, helping me reclaim my freedom."

    "Now, after 4 weeks with it, the impact on my life is truly remarkable. My family and friends can't believe the transformation they've witnessed. I walk with a newfound spring in my step, engaging in activities i thought were long gone. LunaLoom has breathed vitality into my golden years, reminding me that age is just a number."

    Here are some of our Happy Customers:

    - Lila, 48, Texas, USA
    "I suffered from chronic back pain, but this belt has been a game-changer. I wear it while working at my desk, and the gentle traction alleviates the strain. It's like having a personal masseuse!"
    - Natalie, 52, New York, USA
    "Thanks to the belt, I can now enjoy my favorite outdoor activities pain-free. Whether it's hiking, golfing, or playing with my kids, the extra support and decompression keep my back happy and healthy. Worth every penny!"

    • Wear the LunaLoomâ„?belt around your waist.
    • Use the hand air pump to inflate the belt gently.
    • Refer to the instruction manual for detailed usage guidelines.

      Product Details

      • Product Name: LunaLoomâ„?Spinal Decompression Air Traction Belt Waist Brace
      • Material: TPU+PU+Knitted Fabric
      • Size: 116*15.5cm
      • Weight: 625g
      • Suitable for Waist Circumference: 2-3.6 feet (61cm-110cm)
      • Pack contents: 
            1 x Air traction back belt
            1 x Hand air pump
            1 x Free bonus extender belt
            1 x Instruction manual


            Q: How does LunaLoomâ„?spinal decompression belt work?

            A: LunaLoomâ„?belt uses gentle traction to relieve pressure on the spine and provide support, promoting spinal alignment and reducing back pain.

            Q: How long should I wear LunaLoomâ„?belt?

            A: Start with short durations, gradually increasing as you feel comfortable. It is recommended to begin with 20-30 minutes per session, 1-2 times a day.

            Q: Can I wear LunaLoomâ„?belt while sleeping?

            A: No, LunaLoomâ„?belt should not be worn while sleeping. It is best to use it during waking hours when you can actively adjust the traction and monitor your comfort.

            Q: Is LunaLoomâ„?belt adjustable for different waist sizes?

            A: Yes, LunaLoomâ„?belt comes with an extender belt that accommodates various waist sizes.

            Q: Can LunaLoomâ„?belt be used for specific back conditions, like herniated discs or sciatica?

            A: LunaLoomâ„?belt can provide relief for various back conditions, including herniated discs and sciatica.

            Q: Is LunaLoomâ„?belt portable and travel-friendly?

            A: Yes, LunaLoomâ„?belt is compact and easy to carry, making it convenient for travel or use on-the-go. It can be deflated and packed in its accompanying storage bag.

            Q: Can LunaLoomâ„?belt be used while exercising?

            A: LunaLoomâ„?belt should not be worn during vigorous physical activities or exercises.

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