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Sugar Regulator Wristband

Sugar Regulator Wristband

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Sugar Regulator Wristband

Sugar Regulator Wristband

Regular price $59.95
Regular price $59.95 Sale price $149.95
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What is High Blood Sugar?

Diabetes is a chronic condition affecting blood sugar regulation. It occurs when the body either lacks insulin production (type 1) or struggles to use insulin effectively (type 2).

Elevated glucose levels pose risks like heart disease, kidney damage, nerve issues, and vision impairment. With millions affected worldwide, it’s a major public health concern.¹

Understanding the impact of high blood sugar on an individual's overall health

Excessive glucose circulating in the blood can lead to diabetes, primarily through insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when cells in muscle, fat, and the liver do not respond to insulin as they should.² 

There are numerous factors and conditions contributing to varying degrees of insulin resistance, including high blood pressure, high lipid levels, glucose tolerance, pregnancy, genetics, aging, a sedentary lifestyle, and obesity.


Do You Suffer From Any of The Following Symptoms?

Poorly managed diabetes can lead to serious health complications, such as heart disease, stroke, nerve and kidney damage, and blindness.

Recognizable symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, blurred vision, and slow wound healing.³

Dr. Mason Reynolds, M.D.

“As a healthcare professional, I’ve seen high blood sugar’s harmful effects. That’s why I support the Seurico™ Sugar Regulator Wristband. It uses negative ion and far infrared tech to boost circulation, regulate insulin, and reduces inflammation and helps control blood sugar. Based on my patients’ positive outcomes, I recommend it for safe, natural blood sugar control.”

Reduces Blood Pressure

The Seurico™ Bangle is clinically proven to lowerhigh blood pressure and reduce the risk of heartdisease.

Regulates Blood Sugar

The Seurico™ Bangle controls blood sugar andreduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes better tharanything else in the market utilizing the FarInfrared Technology.

Combatslnsulin Resistance

The main cause of Type 2 Diabetes is becominginsulin resistant. The Seurico™ Bangle combatsinsulin resistance in a way no other product hasdone in the industry.

Supports Weight Loss

It also promotes healthy weight loss by boostingyour natural fat-burning metabolism so you canbe confident that you’ll live a longer healthier lifewithout weight issues.

What is the MECHANISM behind?


While other far infrared products at 660nm primarily affect the skin surface, the Seurico™ Bracelet utilizes rays at 850nm that penetrate directly into blood vessels. This stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide, which reduces insulin resistance and improves blood sugar sensitivity.⁴

As a result, users experience improved glucose metabolism, relaxation of blood vessels and increased blood flow.⁵ Simply wearing the bracelet makes it easy to lower blood sugar levels.


The Seurico™ Sugar Regulator Bangle emits negative ions absorbed through the skin,⁶ enhancing circulation and potentially lowering blood sugar levels.

Additionally, these ions regulate insulinsecretion and improve insulin sensitivity,⁷ crucial for maintaining optimalblood sugar levels.

With negative ions, insulin binds to insulin receptors and triggers the opening of glucose transporters in fat and muscle cells, facilitating the removal of glucose from the bloodstream.

Insulin is not produced by beta cells in the pancreas and hence glucose is not removed from the bloodstream,causing diabetes

Prolonged overproduction of insulin leads to desensitization of the insulin receptors and hence glucose is not removed from the bloodstream,causing diabetes





Allow our contented customers to affirm its potent impact!


Skin friendly

Made with premium silicone, which gives you a silky comfy touch, refreshing your wrist on the go.


Be ready to embrace every water-packed adventure, workout, and daily routine with confidence.

One Size Fits All

Easy to adjust to fit your specific wrist size. They can even adjust to fit both men and women for a more comfortable design.



  • Colors: Black, Red, Blue
  • Materials: Silicone & Far Infrared Strip
  • Dimensions: 1.3cm x 24cm
  • Adjustable Fit: 6 Holes Adjustment

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